Confessions of a Plannerholic – Autumn Bucket List

Good Morning

This is my first ever blog so to say I am a tad nervous is an understatement!!!!

I have joined the lovely girls at Confessions Of A Plannerholic, I think if anyone can set me on the right track and  give me the kick I need they can.


So the first blog for me is ….



So rightly the first one has to be my blog ….. Mission 1 complete

The Hubster bought me a flower press …….  I know a bit old fashioned I hear you say ….. But I thought they would look great laminated on dividers and bookmarks for my planner …. Also for smash booking and art journaling ….. Which leads me to my next 2.


As many of us are I am into all things stationery I think I could corner the market in the notebook section …… So I have always wanted to be able to draw, I am not saying I want to be the next Piccasso  but just to be able to draw a flower or an animal that mildly resembles what it should be and I would be happy. I have watched many YouTube videos on art journaling and such like and there is one lady that stands out for me and that’s “dinglydelification” I will post her link. So yes I am going to start using up my notebook collection for art journaling. I have also had a smash book sat in the cupboard for a few months now so that will be something else I can use and start. Saying that I also have a wreck this journal that I have had for over 12 months now…… Oh dear it’s not until you stop and think you realise how big your problem is!


Lastly on my bucket list is to make Pumpkin Soup, ever since my son was little I was going to make pumpkin soup from the remains of his lantern, I now have grandchildren and still no signs of pumpkin soup!!!! So 2016 is the year when Pumpkin Soup will be making an appearance in Bartlett Mansions. Watch this space.


So this is the end of my first blog, I am sure it will improve with time, like  a good wine!!! So please stay on for the ride there are  bound to be plenty of ups and downs.


Sally X X

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