What to do next ????

It’s just gone 5 in the morning and as per usual I cannot sleep.i think once I am awake my mind goes into overdrive and then that’s it BOOM i am awake. It’s a pity it wasn’t more like that when I was at school?!

So I am wondering, I have started this blog but what do I write about? I have joined the “Confessions of a Plannerholic” team which has given me the incentive to start and a schedule of blogs to contribute towards which is all good, but what else??? 

I feel I need to set myself a programme, my problem is what should this include. I don’t really have a life that interesting that your going to want to read about it. So my thoughts at this early hour are …….

  • Book reviews
  • Planner and accessory reviews 
  • Craft projects and failures 
  • Weight Loss journey 
  • Days out. 
  • Meal reviews 

What do you think? I have surprised myself as I wrote the list. If there is anything else you can think an average 40 something could write about let me know. 

Talking of craft failures before I go I must tell you this ….

Now I love crafts, all sorts I am a “Have a go Joe” sort of girl. I don’t claim to be any good at any of them but I love to try, a lot end up in the bin but occasionally we do end up with something I am slightly proud of. Saying that though I think all crafters are critical of their own work. I belong to a Facebook group called “Crafty Girls UK Happy Mail” and I think we all love each other’s work but are very critical of our own, if your a crafter of any ability you may want to pop along and check us out its a lovely group. 

Anyway back to my story. My mum asked if I could make a card for her friends son he is going to be 65 soon. I don’t particularly like doing cards I struggle with them especially male ones, You can’t pretty them up like female ones. Anyway the man in question is into walking and the gym, nothing of which I had in my craft stash that was relevant and I didn’t really want to be buying more. So I made this card trying to keep to my new rule of “less is more” and kept it very simple. I was quite chuffed with it in the end, So I took a picture and sent it to my mum just so that she could get a sneak preview, and the message I got back was ” is that the stuff your sticking on it? ” No Mum it’s the finished card!!!! “Oh I thought it was just the bits, it’s a bit bare” Do you not like it then? ” Well it’s ok I suppose, perhaps it will be better in the flesh” on that note I ended the conversation before I shoved the card in the bin!!! Oh the trials of a crafter and Blunt Mother !!! 

On that note I am off to make a coffee, Bye for now X X 

The card in question, complete with its “Stuff I stuck on”!!! 😂


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