My Crafting Life. 

Not sure if many of you know but I love crafting. I love to try all kinds of craft from papercraft to crocheting and all in between. When I was younger my Nan bless her tried to teach me to crochet but with very little success. Well due health reasons I have had the last 18 months off work so with my best friend YouTube and a few tantrums I finally got there and managed to teach myself to crochet, Nan would be proud of me!!!! I am currently making my granddaughter a blanket so watch this space. As far as crafts go I will try most things, some with success and some without, a lot ends up in the bin. My blog was meant to be a tick off the bucket list but I am struggling to know what to write about, so I thought why not combine my two passions blogging and my craft. There fore I will be adding a lot more pictures etc regarding my craft and my WIP’s. Here are a few pictures of my past projects. 

These were 2 last minute birthday cards made for some friends of my mums, you know how it goes “can you do me a quick card” !!!

These are some decopatch items that I have done for friends babies and an anniversary gift.

I never tend to plan ahead I just see what happens!!!!

I am currently working on a Halloween project for our Facebook swap group “Crafty Girls UK Happy Mail” when it’s finished and it has been received I will post a picture.

Happy Crafting xx


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