Hi !!

Welcome to my blog!?

Well those were 4 words I never thought I would see me publish! Writing a blog has always been on my to do list but it kept moving down the so called list as I never knew how to start and what to publish. Don’t get me wrong I had plenty of things I could write about but I didn’t think I had anything that anyone would be interested in. But if your reading this then I guess I may have, you have crossed the threshold into my blog home.

A bit about me ….. I am a wife, mother and nana and a cancer battling planner/crafting/stationery addict and I think in a nutshell that sums me up. family and friends come first and my outlook on life and what’s important has changed dramatically over the past 12 months.

My blog will be a bit about what I do and what interests me, and hopefully you will find it entertaining.

I thank you for stopping by it can get quite lonely here at times,  I hope that you will pop in again very soon


Sally x x